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The Flames that Follow Us is a brutal melee-combat game about overcoming impostor syndrome. 

  • Explore a distorted childhood home in a story-driven, surreal single-player campaign about self-discovery and impostor syndrome
  • A local-multiplayer versus mode to pit your skills (and friendships) in Deathmatch and King of the Hill 
  • Six powerful classes with vastly differing playstyles to cater for every player; technical zoners to powerful tanks
  • An original ambient score by composers @rosentwig and @knightcakes

"It's been two years. Two years of aimlessly drifting from place to place... It's about time I start this."

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Thank you so much for this unusual and strong experience. I usually make theatre or live games but this digital game can be compared to some of the best examples of what I've seen. I mean the narration, the composition of visual instruments, the game mechanics and the story. Good luck! 


I have to say, this is an incredibly gorgeous game. I really have nothing bad to say about this game except for some of the combat mechanics. You fall down too fast which makes platforming much harder, and the combat itself does have some depth, but it isn't anything too amazing.

Although, I have to say, this game was an incredible journey. I was truly amazed by how deep this story was. By how familiar it was and just how well done it was. This clearly is a game that you put quite a lot of effort in and cared about. Thank you for giving me such a wonderful narrative experience, and I can't wait to see more of your creations. Take care.

Thank you so much for the kind words! I'm always looking to create more impactful narrative experiences in the future.


I wish I had his  action figures, they're really cool, he can keep the trauma though. ;{)


this was so good, regularly stabbing me right in the feels. absolutely nailed the aesthetic n the combat feels n sounds so good n chunky


Hey Noe, thanks for playing! Always glad to crank that game juice-o-meter to a nice, chunky level ^^


Thank you SO much for getting in touch and suggesting I check this out, this blew me away!! I was prepared for the story to pack a punch but I 100% was not prepared for this!! Really well done!!


The finale video


Made a video


my play through here: 

Thanks for reaching out!

reviewish thoughts: 
I'm so glad you put in an option to change the controls  that's a super important option a lot of creators overlook and with the default I don't think I could have gotten through the game. I liked the overarching story of the game and felt like the ending was a good pay off but some of the story stages just felt really repetitive in-between the combat stages which was probably to show the living hell our main character (who is me?) goes through because of his inferiority complex and his traumatic event. The mechanics in the game weren't my favorite because in an action game like this I think it's nicer to have fluid motion and feel overpowered with what you can do with  the classes and have equally overpowered enemies rather then feel weak and clunky with weak and clunky enemies, because of a stamina bar, slow attacks, and questionable ranges. I do really like the concept of the choosing your own class that's a really neat idea (even though in my opinion some are way stronger than others footman is god). Overall it's an above average game but boy can it be frustrating I also really wish the jump could be better as well it feels so short and annoying even with the upsmack to float and wall jumps.  

Hey! Thanks so much for playing. I totally get what you mean with the mechanical limits on combat, as it was meant to deter spamming but I can see that it'll get in the way sometimes. Thanks for your patience in retrying the game despite earlier difficulty!


Thanks for making it and reaching out again I appreciate it!


Played through the whole thing. Good narrative and combat that go along well with the visuals. Controls on keyboard are a bit weird to use but I was able to make them work.

Most impressive thing for me was the visuals. Really liked the way everything looked., specifically the backgrounds and different particle effects.

The story also has some high points and can be hard hitting. The pacing and presentation keep it interesting until the very end.


Hey Baconation, thanks so much for playing! Really glad you enjoyed it.